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Welcome, I’m a developer and designer. I create elegant and unique websites for large and small companies, individuals.

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You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

- Maya Angelou

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If you are frustrated trying to find a good developer, designer? Maybe you just haven't tried it with the right person.

Why choose a freelancer who knows design and programming?

Good power of OBSERVATION.

Designers and developers are two different things. But if the designer has programming skills. That’s a full hit!

Find solutions in the Beginning.

During the conversation, such a person knows exactly what you want, and hits the target!

The end Results is Amazing.

Designers and developers are two different things. But if the designer has programming skills. That’s a full hit!

Elementor Expetr in Practice.

Dusan rebuilt a 20-page bilingual website in WordPress Elementor in one week based on designs provided in Figma. I’ve managed the building of over 40 WordPress sites in the past 13 years, and Dusan is one of the best developers I’ve worked with. He communicated frequently. His attention to detail is strong and the quality of his work is very high. The SVG images look super sharp and crisp on the site, and he added nice parallax effects on various background layers. He worked very late into the night on many nights to get this project done on time. I would highly recommend him.

- Jonathan Burns

Strategy Cube Inc

About Me

Dusan Miladinovic

I’m an experienced Web Developer with hundreds of projects under my belt, specializing in creating beautiful functional sites with great UX, strong calls to action, complemented by dynamic functionality to meet your needs. I take time to understand my clients’ business and strategy and ensure the site not only looks great, but is laid out well with appropriate calls to action to drive the outcomes you’re seeking.

Likewise, I’m also a long-time Digital Marketer with experience in SEO, Paid & Social, Landing Page Design and Marketing Automation if you require support with that.

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Take a Look at some of my themes, which I created with Elementor PRO.

I am an active freelancer, I have new jobs on Upwork every day. If you want me to send you the latest list of my unique sites. Contact me.

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Dusan Miladinovic

Yoast SEO
Adv. Custom Fields
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Premiere PRO

Asana, Trello, Teamwork, Loom, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Google Tag, TeamViewer, Advanced level knowledge Windows, Mac, Bootstrap, UI kit, Adobe Indesign, Hosting transfer, cPanel, InterWorx…

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